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Fuerte Ventura kitchen, Melia Varadero      Paella, Melia Varadero    Casa del Chefs, Varadero

Come with us to explore the back roads, farms and markets of Cuba!   Learn the legend of ajiaco soup and other authentic local cuisines.  Have a hands-on learning experience in a chef-to-chef exchange!

The aromas and flavors of Cuba's cuisine are a convergence of the island's Aboriginal, African, Chinese, Jewish, French and Spanish heritage.  We'll sample traditional dishes prepared with centuries-old recipes up to the most contemporary interpretations.

Our Cuban partner is Asociacion Culinaria de Cuba - the Cuban Culinary Association.  In Cuba's most historic cities, we will gather at elegant Casas del Chef to spend an afternoon with chefs from top local restaurants learning about and tasting the cuisine typical to each region.    We'll explore prestigious paladards such as La Habana’s Cocina de Liliam and  La Guarderia.   We'll visit street vendors, hotel kitchens and homes honoring the traditions of the cocina (kitchen) and expanding on them.

New words and dishes will enter your culinary vocabulary such lechón, puerco asado (roasted and flame cooked pork), tachinos, chatinos, mariquitas, tostones (all made from green plantains) congrí (rice with red beans), moros y cristianos (rice and black beans), picadillo a la habanera (ground beef in tomato sauce), yuca con mojo (cassava in a sauce of oil, garlic and bitter orange), malanga (a root vegetable), tamales and many more.  The Cuban sweet tooth honed by centuries of sugar production means each meal includes special desserts.

Our cultural program will complement your understanding of the cuisine by introducing you to music, dance and art of the Cuban people.

Limited to 25 person
s, the "Cooks' Tour" will be of interest to cooks, restaurateurs, food writers and others in the cuisine sector and their invited guests (partners, friends, colleagues).  Delegates from any country are welcome to join us!

    Head Chefs, Melia Varadero   Chef Smith, Casa del Chefs, Varadero    Casa del Chefs, Cienfuegos   Casa del Chefs, Cienfuegos   Casa del Chefs, Stgo de Cuba

Brochure:  Click here for a PDF of the Cooks' Tour brochure.

Itinerary:  Click here for a PDF of the Cooks' Tour itinerary.


Total "in Cuba" costs per person for the Cooks' Tour of Cuba are approximately $3,000 CAD based on two sharing and included all taxes, all hotels (7 nights in 5 star, 7 nights in country hotels), all meals (except 2 lunches and dinners in Havana), transportation, transfers, guide, full translation, an 8 day tour and a flight from Santiago de Cuba to Havana.  Does not include air fare between Canada and Cuba, airport departure taxes, optional travel insurance, beverages (including bottled water) and gratuities.  Single surcharge of $335 applies.  I will gladly put people in touch who wish to discuss sharing a room.   We can also make all your air bookings with our affiliated travel agents - our prices are very competitive!  Per person deposit of $500 CAD payable on booking, balance due 60 days prior to departure.  Sorry, cheques only.


    Farmers market, Ciego de Avila    Organoponica, Ciego de Avila   Malanga, Ciego de Avila  Farmers market, Ciego de Avila  

Connections to Canada Cuba Farmer to Farmer Project:

To attain goals we share for our food system – an abundant supply of fresh, local, high quality, safe, nutritious and sustainably produced food options – we need informed consumers, good public policy, and a vibrant farming community.  

Unfortunately, as Canadians move farther from their rural roots, key issues of food policy take a back seat.   

This special two week Cooks’ Tour, organized under the auspices of the Canada Cuba Farmer to Farmer Project, will introduce food professionals not only to the cuisine of Cuba but also to the remarkable success Cuba has had in rebuilding its community agriculture capacity from the ground up in only a decade. 

Prior to the collapse of the former Soviet Union, Cuba’s agriculture was based on large scale, high-input monoculture.  Today, Cuba is a world leader community-based agriculture, urban farming and organic production methods.   Cuban farmers are respected.  Food policy is driven by nutrition policy.  

How did this tiny nation achieve such dramatic transformations in its food production system?   What are the lessons for communities? 

    Roast pig, Topes de Colante     Casa del Chefs, Stgo de Cuba    Casa del Chefs, Stgo de Cuba


Casa del Chefs, Camaguey

To download a copy of the Cooks’ Tour Brochure, click here:   Brochure

To download a copy of the Cooks’ Tour Delegate Form, click here: Delegate Form

To download a copy of the Cooks' Tour Program, click here:  Program

More about Canadian Agrologist Wendy R. Holm, who escorts each tour

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